Surprise! NEW things!

New Year…a few new things!


Firstly and our most exciting move…our new FORUM! What the heck is it for you ask?…

“A place to ask questions, learn, engage with and be supported by others on your health journey in a safe space away from ‘diet talk’, weight focus and obsession. Get evidence based health information, new recipes, inspiration and ideas to make choices for your health in the midst of busy life. We’ve found community to be a powerful tool to help people stay mindful, motivated and encouraged in making choices for their mental and physical health…so we’d love you to come and join ours!”

We’d LOVE to have you in there, and don’t forget you’re not signing your life away, you can cancel at any point if you’ve got what you need from it. We’ll be covering things like…why we don’t talk about weight loss, all things gut health, mental wellbeing and managing stress, behaviour change, caring for your body and your kiddos, micro nutrients and why variety is key, ‘diet culture’ and how to break away from it, the importance of sleep and movement…and SO much more!

Secondly, we’ve got a SHOP! A real life (well, online anyway!!) buy-things-from-it shop! So far it contains workshop tickets (which we’ll be updating with dates regularly) and 1-2-1 session purchasing but a few other things in the pipeline too. If you enjoyed the last workshop or missed out and wish you could’ve joined us, we’ll be announcing dates at different points throughout the year – so check in when you can for updates! Just click the top right of our website and it’s all there (see photo below).

And thirdly…a testimonials page – so if it’s ever crossed your mind to do some 1-2-1 work, have a nosey at what others have said about working with us. Hopefully there’s something in there to reassure you it’s worth investing in yourself (and therefore your family and friends by getting an even better version of you!) and you can get in touch to start the process of working together 🙂


Finally we’ve got to give a massive shout out to Pete at PJG Creations who has been the brains behind all the website changes, he’s been SO helpful, professional and has gone the extra mile on so many occasions. Can’t recommend him more highly so here are his details if you ever need some friendly website help!




Happy 2019 everyone…here’s to YOU! 🙂

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