Broken yo-yo eating patterns!

For the last year I’ve been having monthly Skypes with Sarah, and she has really helped bring peace and order to mind in regards to eating. I found out I was pregnant with my fifth baby shortly after she started coaching me, so it hasn’t been an average year for me! But she has helped me to love my body and to choose to nourish it. She has really helped me break some yo-yo eating patterns, and that every choice I make re food can be a powerful one. Sarah brings such an amazing message of grace and freedom in regards to food and health. She has been a HUGE support and encouragement to me, regularly affirming me and answering all my questions!


A worthwhile investment into my health and mindset…

Monthly consultations have honestly been such a worthwhile investment into my health and mindset to do with food and my body. Sarah always focuses on a lifestyle change as a process and I have not once felt judged or condemned in any way for choices I have or haven’t made. I have come away with tools for healthy living that I’ll take with me the rest of my life and also establish in my growing family. I have learnt more about what I put in my body and what I do with it and that has actually made me feel more empowered to make great choices and also feel relaxed about having the cake too! Having someone in the know to guide you through is so valuable and I would 100% recommend WeThrive to help you in your own process to get healthy and live life how you want to live it!


I now know what works for MY body!

Before working with WeThrive I didn’t have a clue as to what food was good and healthy for me. I was constantly in discomfort and bloated most days. After working with Sarah I now know what food works for my body and feel great! I have a whole new range of things that I enjoy eating and that makes my body happy all thanks to Sarah. Thank you – it has changed my life!


‘Tailor made approach’

Working with WeThrive has helped me unlock a lot of eating habits that I didn’t realise I had. Sarah tailored the program to me personally as they don’t believe in a one size fits all method. I now have so much more freedom around food and nutrition.


‘A safe space to be 100% honest!’

I have loved working with WeThrive, Sarah is so unbelievably encouraging and makes a safe space to be 100% honest with how you are doing. The way they encourage small gradual life changes allows for things to become habit rather than a fad diet! Thank you so much!

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