Supermarket Series: Morrisons!

Numero 3 in the Supermarket Series – this time it’s Morrisons! We found some handy helpers, some nice budget friendly ideas and some tasty finds…so have a browse and as usual, take what you like, leave what you don’t!

Pre-prepped items: Ok so not always the cheapest options BUT super handy for busy days and such an easy way to get a dose of greens in. The stir fry veggies are self explanatory but the other ones (veg soup kits/casserole veg) don’t HAVE to be used for what they’re labelled for. If you know it’s going to be a long day, grab a bag and add to whatever you’ve got in mind – chilli/bolognese/curry/frittata/one pot meals (or whizz in a blender for a quick soup). Or try one of the veg roasting trays as a quick side to go with roasted chicken, fish, homemade burgers, sausages, poached eggs, roasted chickpeas…you name it!

Miscellaneous!: A few random finds that might help you out – pre made mash made with only the ingredients on the lid and milk, plantains (not easy to find but a great alternative to chips/potato for some variety, try frying them in butter/olive oil!), pre made tortilla/omelette, a delicious salsa for dunking and a range of soups made with loads of veg and not much else!


Pasta/Rice: If you need to be gluten free, or like variety in your pasta needs, or even just prefer a higher protein option (tends to leave you feeling fuller for a bit longer)…these are some handy options! We always cook with gluten free pasta because Sarah has to (Coeliac Disease) but these come Andy approved too – brown rice, red lentil and green pea pasta. Having pre-cooked rice packets on hand is super useful for busy days too. Use for: alternative to your regular pasta!…pasta bake, meatballs and pasta, pesto pasta (on the blog!), spaghetti bolognese (swapping the spaghetti for pasta)…you name it! And an alternative to cooking rice, obviously!


Snacks: Some great for lunchboxes, some great for at home/sharing. The plantain chips are cooked in sustainably sourced palm oil which is great to see and the nuts are just roasted in spices. Simple snacks, simple ingredients. These were found in the ‘world foods’ aisle. Use for: lunchboxes or sharing at home! The veggie crisps are a great way to get some extra veg in those kiddos, great post school snack or lunchbox filler! Popping corn – heat in a pan/microwave to pop, then drizzle in some honey/melted butter and a pinch of salt for a quick snack!



Dressings/Oils: Morrisons have a nice range of olive oil based oils (chilli/garlic etc), balsamic vinegars and other vinegars that make creating your own salad dressing/sauces at home really easy and affordable. There’s also apple cider vinegar for baking and dressings and coconut oil that doesn’t cost the earth for frying/baking. There’s also a range of gravy that makes sauces/soups/gravy super quick.



Spices/Flavour!: SO. MANY. FLAVOURS! There are so many choices, some bargain spices in the ‘world foods’ aisle, some spice blends to make meals quicker and easier, some pastes with minimal ingredients and a delish range of pesto made with olive oil. YUM. Use for: curries, one pots, stews, soups, stir fry, soffritto, whatever you like! Pesto is great for adding into frittata, pasta, or a homemade pizza night!



Seed/Nut butters: These are a bargain and very nice too! Tahini is a great alternative for nut butter especially for school snacks (often nut free zones). Use for: baking, smothering on fruit, curry sauces, peanut sauce, homemade hummus, eating straight from the jar…

Simple veg: Getting enough fibre and a good range of micronutrients doesn’t need to be complicated or faffy. Here are some tinned/frozen versions that are still tasty but so much easier and great to keep on hand for when the fresh stuff runs low. Oh, and never slave over chopping a butternut squash or beetroot again, or have smelly garlic hands for days!



Easy protein (and some omega 3!): Tinned fish that’s easy to grab and go and in a nice mix of olive oil or water. Don’t forget the humble egg either, weekly staple food prep includes boiling a dozen eggs in this house! Use for: a quick snack, lunchboxes or a salad and jacket potato for a speedy week night dinner.

Alternative milks: If you prefer/require an alternative to dairy milk, these are reasonably priced options. Use for: baking, cooking, smoothies, milk alternative for lactose intolerance.

Mints: Found these as a nice alternative to regular gum/mints. Nothing too different, just sweetened with xylitol which has shown some benefits for tooth health.

Chocolate: Morrisons have some really affordable dark chocolate if that’s your thing (it’s Saz’s!)…and some nice little mini bars for packed lunches or snacking on the go (the 2 for £1 ones). These are delish!

Frozen fruit: Morrisons have to have one of the most affordable ranges of frozen fruit and smoothie mixes. We also love that they use the ‘wonky’ fruit which reduces the amount of fruit being wasted. Frozen fruit is a great way in itself not to waste food as you can just take out what you need and keep the rest frozen. Use for: baking, smoothies, topping for Greek yogurt, drizzling with chocolate or cream….however you like it!

Oats: Bargain oats! And if you need gluten free ones (which are ALWAYS more expensive) they do a good deal on those too! Use for: baking (flapjack, oat balls – both on the blog!), porridge, adding to smoothies.


Hope it helps and as usual, if you spy anything we need to add, let us know and we will!


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