Supermarket Series: Aldi!

Part 2 in our supermarket series, Saz’s favourite…Aldi! Don’t forget to let us know if you find any ‘treasures’ that have helped you out and we can add them. Hopefully there’s something in here that helps and as always, take what works, leave what doesn’t and #youdoyou!


Super 6: We often recommend starting with the ‘Super 6’ as it’s an easy place to build the rest of your shop around – it’s the fruit and veg that’s on offer that week and can really save you quite a lot of £££ if you make the most of it!

Ready made: A few helpers for busy days! Microwaveable sides like rice and lentils are so handy to have in the cupboard for occasional long/late days and these fresh pots are a handy lunch in a rush. Not always the cheapest to buy food on the go but infequently these are some useful choices. Use for: busy days! Lentils/rice great for sides.


Easy veggies: These are already chopped/diced/spiralised for quick ‘throw it in a pan’ veggies (they do sweet potato, carrot and butternut squash noodles too but they didn’t have any when we took the photos!). All you need to do is add oil to cook or steam/microwave them and they’re done. Use for: Stir fry, bulk out curries, use as a side dish, swap pasta/rice for these.

Flavour!: Easy ways to flavour a meal – spice blends, pesto and sauces! The pesto and this tomato pasta sauce are both made with olive oil (yay!) and the spices are already blended to make a yum meal. Use for: pasta dishes, curry, stir fry, chilli, bolognese, soups/stews etc.


More flavour/dressings/oils!: Handy for speedy salad dressings and sauces, lots of recipes call for apple cider vinegar and it’s great that Aldi have started to stock it. Use for: salad dressings, flavoured oils are great for roasting veg/potatoes, ACV/coconut oil for sauces/baking.


Easy protein sources: (and a great way to get some omega 3!). These are so handy to grab and go with lunches or a cheaper way to add protein to a meal/snack. Use for: add to salad/veggies for lunch, add into pasta bake (tuna pasta bake is popular but easy to swap for salmon too), a cheaper way to do fish with sweet potatoes and veg, handy to keep for a ‘snacky’ moment.

More easy protein: Other options that are low cost for adding protein to a meal (because it keeps us full and has LOADS of nutritional benefit – muscle mass, hormones, cell health, mood health, immune health etc etc!). Use in: soups, stews, stir fry, pasta bake, rice dishes/paella, make hummus, frittata (eggs!), baking.


Easy veg: Frozen veg is such a great way to always have some greens on hand and also reduce time for chopping etc. We love using these mixed veg bags for speedy meals and just avoid the broccoli on it’s own – use that for meals in a sauce otherwise it can be a bit soggy! Use in: anything! Just be choosy about which you use when!


Bars/Chocolate: Aldi has loads of great options for smaller chocolate bars for lunchboxes. Some have nuts, some don’t so great options for school lunchboxes as well as work. The ‘that’s it’ range (2nd photo on the bottom row) are made of just 2 ingredients so great for extra little ones.

Drinks/milk: Great options for something different to drink and we’ve not found them cheaper anywhere else! Aldi have also started doing an unsweetened Almond milk for anyone that has to be dairy free/prefers it to other milk.


Nut butters, nuts and seeds: We LOVE peanut and almond butter and this is a really great deal price-wise. The range of nuts is also growing in Aldi, including some nice ‘salad topper’ ranges and things to add to smoothies/porridge…and considerably cheaper too. Use for: baking, snacks, nut butters for EVERYTHING!!, adding to smoothies/porridge.

Baking/Miscellaneous: Oats and quinoa at bargain prices as well as cacao, cacao nibs, chia seeds and ground almonds. Use for: Oats for porridge/flapjacks/baking, quinoa to add variety as an alternative to rice/pasta/potato, cacao for baking/smoothies, cacao nibs and chia seeds for smoothies/baking and ground almonds as a substitute for flours in lots of baking recipes.

Smoothie mixes and frozen fruit: There are a growing number of options from bags already mixed as a smoothie blend to individual fruit bags. Much cheaper than fresh fruit and less wastage too with it being kept in the freezer. Use for: desserts (crumble/stewed fruit), smoothies, homemade jams/purees, fruit to top warm porridge (it defrosts really quickly on warm desserts), fruit to top greek yogurt.



Have you found other Aldi treasures?! Let us know and we’ll add them to the list! (We’ll add more as we discover them too!).


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