Mental Health Matters – Eat Move Love Movement

The launch of the Eat Move Love movement on World Suicide Prevention Day.

Mental health awareness and suicide prevention charity Hector’s House is encouraging
everyone to take small steps to improve their mental health in their newly launched ‘Eat Move
Love’ movement – to mark World Suicide Prevention Day on the 10th September 2018.

The Eat Move Love movement aims to highlight the benefits that eating well, doing more gentle
exercise and making meaningful human connections can have on an individual’s mental health.
The charity Hector’s House was founded by the Stringer family, following the suicide of their 18
year old son Hector in 2011. His father Robert and sister Lotte began to spread the Eat Move
Love message in schools around the Hertfordshire area, but now hope to share this mental
health awareness campaign across the UK.

The Eat Move Love movement was inspired by The Mental Health Foundation’s ‘10 ways to
look after your mental health’ – which the Stringer family say can be broken down into the three
categories they are promoting during this campaign.
Robert says:
“When we think about bettering our mental health, it tends to be extreme lifestyle changes,
which can overwhelm us all. We are hoping to tell everyone that mental and physical health go
hand-in-hand, and the smallest steps can have a big impact if they are in moderation.
“We want to share the tips that we’ve picked up from our suicide prevention work through
Hector’s House with the rest of the UK to ensure nobody feels like they cannot cope with their
mental health.
“These tips will be very, very simple everyday choices we will be sharing from World Suicide
Prevention Day (10 September) onwards, in memory of our beloved son Hector whom we lost
through suicide in 2011.
“Our continuous campaigning to end mental health stigma and suicide will not bring Hector
back, but it might help just one person reconsider taking their own life.”
Hector’s sister Lotte continues:
“The Eat Move Love movement can be applicable to anyone, in any walk of life, in any stage of
their mental health. We are not encouraging obsessive healthy eating, or gaining the ‘perfect’
toned body, or finding the person of your dreams – it’s quite the opposite!
“This campaign is all about understanding that what we fuel our bodies with can change how we
feel emotionally and physically – and that can be achieved by simply adding more plants to our
plates. Another simple way of bettering our mental health is by doing more gentle exercises –
like getting out into nature for a stroll. No gym membership required! And we would all feel less
isolated and alone if we strengthen our ‘tribe’ – the people, family, friends, loved ones we turn to
during a tough time. So it really is as simple as Eat, Move, Love!”

To join the Eat Move Love movement, you can follow the team on Instagram @emlmovement or
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