For when you can’t be bothered with ‘healthy’

Some straight forward talking for you (you can tell Sarah wrote this one!)…

Even when we don’t ‘feel’ like treating our bodies with what makes them work well (most of the time remember, no perfection!), what are some reasons to do it? We don’t HAVE to, no one can force us, but a few things to think about if you’re feeling a bit stuck…

Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s not the MOST fun, sometimes it’s not the MOST convenient and it’s definitely not the MOST ‘sexy’ option out there (especially when you can just do a quick ‘8 weeks to 5000 kg of weight loss’ programme (let me hear you say ‘unsustainable’!!)). Grab and go food can look more and more appealing, skipping meals because it’s easier, snacks that give the energy hit instantly look much more munch-able, the late nights more ‘fun’ than getting to bed on time…but in the long run, we KNOW it doesn’t work for us.

We harp on about what makes us ‘healthy’ (remember that’s phyisical/mental/financial/emotional/spiritual/social etc!) but if you don’t have the long-term in mind it could just be a bit of a pain in the backside, especially at the beginning when you’re trying to make new habits. Well here’s a few reasons why we reckon it’s worth taking care of that bod of yours and find what your ‘healthy’ looks like…

  1. Healthy actually feels GOOD! – If you’ve ever lost your health in any form, whether it’s chronic illness, daily niggles, an injury or just the winter bug, you know it feels NAFF! We all get sick from time to time and actually that’s totally normal, even for the ‘healthiest’ of us out there. But we don’t want more of those occasions than is necessary because feeling rubbish = bad moods = taking it out on all areas of your life (think marriage/kids/job/day to day tasks etc). No-one actually wants life to be hard work, so if we can avoid unnecessary illness we like to!
  2. You are WORTH IT! – Purely just being a human being, you are valuable, even if you don’t feel it. You are worth taking care of and your life matters to someone…keep that in mind, even if you don’t think it just yet. You have unique gifts, talents and characteristics that no-one else can bring to the world in the way you do, so don’t waste it! This world needs YOU!
  3. Think BIGGER picture – Think of your family or friends that you want to spend a good bit more time with yet! Want to see your kids grow up and experience the fullness that life can be? Want to go on adventures with friends and family, explore the world or do well at your job for a good while longer? People probably want you around for a bit yet too! Taking care of the ‘home’ (your body) you’ve been given will hopefully extend that time you get to enjoy all that life has to offer.
  4. The health system – We all hear on the regular how much our poor old NHS is struggling under the burden of so many sick people, and lots of illness is out of our control. However, some doctors are estimating up to 80% of health issues in hospitals are lifestyle related!  That means we can do some stuff to help this situation out – how cool that we get to be part of the answer?! It won’t fix a broken system but we’re super fortunate to have the NHS and we want it to last despite big change being required. Doing the bits we can is a great way of thinking bigger than just ourselves.
  5. Moooood – Mental health issues are a huge issue in our country at the moment but did you know feeding yourself with nourishing nosh (the building blocks for those neurotransmitters that make you feel good!), moving daily, getting enough sleep, social connection and learning to manage stress has MAJOR effects on mood/mental health? A few tweaks here and there can make a big difference and feeling low is not fun. If you want some support with this kind of stuff, we’re here as is your GP – check in with them if life is feeling a real struggle.
  6. Got dreams? – Want to start a family? Get through University and get a particular job? Want to explore some countries or travel the world? Want to start your own business or work really well in your current situation? Wanting to start a family or have more energy for your kiddos? How about just feeling good and energised, ready to take on whatever life throws your way? It’s worth doing the bits you CAN instead of focusing on what you can’t do. Small niggles now can point to something more going on under the surface, your body is speaking, so take a listen! Working out what your body needs is powerful when you see how you can turn things around. And the things you can’t? Get support from your GP, don’t avoid it and get the help you need.

We can’t prevent everything but we CAN make some change and do what’s reasonable and possible to stop unnecessary ill health. It doesn’t have to be ‘boring’ or restrictive, especially when you’ve got the long game in mind. There’s room for your favourite things (did we hear you say ice cream?!) when you look after yourself most of the time, our bodies can be pretty resilient. But let’s learn not to abuse ’em but to love ’em and take care of ’em instead!

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