Body Image – The Master of Distraction

First things first – please read this as coming from a place of not having it all sorted yet or being perfect in any of this stuff in any way. It’s all a journey. It’s all an ongoing process. It’s all about taking each day and making choices in the right direction. All of which we still choose to work hard on.

But what we wanted to say was this…

We’ve had SO many conversations about body image lately…too many to count. With clients, friends, conversations online…even some self talk to ourselves too! And we’re thinking this….

It’s all a big giant distraction.

We caveat this by saying that caring about what you look like in itself isn’t the problem, there’s no judgement here. It’s ok. You’re ok. Whether that’s you or not. We’re all ok. The issue is when it becomes an issue. You know, like when it becomes what you think mostly and causes you to miss out on life. When we’re overly concerned with what we look like, how many jiggly bits we have, whether that ab/bicep pops out or that belly roll has shrunk a bit. When the focus is on what the outside is like it all gets a bit brain and time consuming. And then we’re distracted from the stuff that really matters like…

  • Health (cos we do crazy things that don’t actually look after our body when we’re so focused on the outside)
  • Passions – you know the things you REALLY love
  • Hobbies
  • Loving moving/being active for pleasure/fun/health (rather than calorie burn)
  • Your friends and family
  • A job that you love
  • The joy of food and cooking, socially eating and new food experiences 
  • Thinking about others and making a difference to someone else 
  • Travel or exploring new places…

You know, the great stuff of life. But sometimes these things listed get lost or warped because the ‘why’ is all skew-whiff. An example – it’s totally fine (and beneficial in so many ways) to care about the food you’re putting in and think about it in a joyful, creative, social, sharing moments kinda way. But all that gets robbed when all we can think about is thigh gaps and ab goals or what ‘macros’ a meal has.

Have goals (just think about your ‘why’ and keep it in perspective). Care for your body. Move daily. Eat food that makes you feel good. But do it from a place of enjoyment, journeying, process and kindness to yourself. Oh and be kind to yourself ON this journey too – some days you’ll be way off the mark in your thoughts about yourself, but the more you practice catching the thoughts, the quicker you’ll be at throwing them out and replacing them with something more beneficial. Our current ‘diet culture’ is geared up to make you think badly of yourself – but we get to choose what we do with that stuff. Bodies are ALL different (they’re supposed to be, you’re UNIQUE!) and learning to embrace your own could be the best thing you did for yours. Don’t worry about ‘loving yourself’ too much, just gently accept yourself and move on, one step at a time. Being able to just focus on the other stuff of life instead of your body and all the internal ‘noise’ it can create will eventually lead to a place where it isn’t a big deal anymore. It. Takes. Time. And that’s ok too!


Struggling with this stuff or want some help looking after your body and finding what works for YOU without the diet mentality? We’d love to help! Email us (we’re very friendly!) at with any questions or enquiries.

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