About Us

Here at WeThrive we reckon there’s a fair bit of wisdom, balance and learning to be had when it comes to all things health and lifestyle. Join us as we share information, recipes and musings about nutrition, sleep, movement and lifestyle, along with a good dollop of fun, peanut butter and a healthy mindset. We want to help you find YOUR healthy, from the inside-out.

Who we are:

Sarah is the say-it-like-it-is food and movement nut of WeThrive. With a BSc in Psychology (with particular interest in Eating Behaviour, Health Psychology and Sports Psychology) as well as being a Certified Nutritionist (MNU), Sarah is passionate to take the faff, nonsense and complication out of nourishing and thriving in our bodies, recognising that lots of little steps can make a big difference and that how we think and talk about food plays a key role in how we eat. Sarah also has a diagnosis of Ceoliac disease so has first hand experience and understanding of the complexity of autoimmune disease and the importance of gut health to the rest of the body. Sarah loves nothing more than long walks in the fresh air, peanut butter and warm holidays by the sea.

Andy is the brains-upon-brains Psychology and mental well-being introvert of WeThrive. He is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology (working as a Clinical Psychologist in the NHS) as well as having a BSc in Psychology. Andy is a million miles from where he once was in his attitude towards nourishing his body and understands well people’s resistance to change, as well as the complex interaction of physical, emotional and mental health. He is passionate to help people to thrive in their minds as well as their bodies and has a thorough understanding of how the two are tightly connected, as well as plenty of experience working with people in the real world. You will likely find Andy rocking his lycra on his road bike, tucked away reading or with a (serving) spoon in the peanut butter jar.

We’re also very grateful to our guest writers from far and wide who are also part of the WeThrive family, bringing wisdom and expertise on all sorts of topics, from mindfulness to gut health and plenty more. 

Got questions? Want to work with us to improve physical health as well as a healthy mindset and approach towards food?
Email us, we’re very friendly!

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