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Be part of our online WeThriveTribe community! – we reckon the friendliest place on the internet 😉

A place to ask questions, learn, engage with and be supported by others on your health journey in a safe space away from ‘diet talk’, weight focus and obsession. Get evidence based health information, new recipes, inspiration and ideas to make choices for your health in the midst of busy life. We’ve found community to be a powerful tool to help people stay mindful, motivated and encouraged in making choices for their mental and physical health…so we’d love you to come and join ours!

If you’ve ever struggled with feeling tied to tracking food (using apps/counting macros/following diet plans), anxiety around food choices, guilt and shame with food or struggled in some aspect of your relationship towards food, this group is for you! Equally, if you want to empower yourself with nutrition knowledge, top up your existing understanding about food or explore some nutrition geek-ery, there’s space for you too! We want to empower people with knowledge as well as explore the WHY behind what we do in relation to food…understanding ‘why’ can really help us understand ‘what’ we’re doing in relation to food.

You’ll get access to weekly videos and posts within the group and also in the membership area of our site (you’ll get a login when you sign up), chance to ask questions, resources to save and download and plenty of encouragement wherever you’re at on your journey.

…and if you don’t want to be part of the Tribe (we’d really love you to be!) but want to sponsor the work we do, you can purchase this same membership. We want to keep our prices accessible for people from ALL walks of life and sponsoring our work allows us to do this. We are SO grateful for any support in our work to change the health of the nation, one step at a time.


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