Eyes On Our Own Plates!

*21 QUESTIONS ALERT!*  You know when you flick through instagram or head for dinner with a friend or sit to eat your pack up at work and look at THEIR plate…

  • Do you know everything else they ate today?
  • Do you know what energy they’ve used today?
  • Do you know whether they ate enough yesterday?
  • How about if they snacked before that plateful?
  • Or if they’ve decided to save room for double dessert?!
  • What about their plans for the rest of the day, do you know them?
  • Do you know their eating history and difficulties (or not) with food?
  • Or their health history and what they’ve figured works (or doesn’t) for their body?

…the list goes on friends. Bottom line is the answer to most of these is probably a big fat NO! And that makes alllll the difference. So when you look at someone else’s plate and have thoughts like ‘maybe I should eat like that?’ or ‘maybe I’m eating too much/too little/not enough of ‘x’’, PAUSE FOR A SEC. Keep your eyes on your own plate because only YOU know what YOU need and can feed your body accordingly. It’s far too easy to get caught up with comparing and feeling shameful about things we don’t have any context for. YOU DO YOU!…and be free to eat what the heck your body needs and wants and what makes you feel and function at your best – inside and out.

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