Chocolate Banoffee Bites

Tell someone you love. that you love ’em! And do it with these Banoffee Chocolates, it’s the only sensible way…

Serves: 16-18 bites


2 medium bananas

1 tbsp peanut butter

Pinch salt

1 tsp coconut oil

70g dark chocolate (70-100% cocoa works best)


  • In a small bowl/mug, warm the peanut butter with 1/2 tsp of the coconut oil. Mix together so it is nice and smooth.
  • Slice the bananas and place onto a plate (make sure to chop the pointy ends off!). Top each piece of banana with some peanut butter and a sprinkle of salt and then freeze them for an hour.
  • Melt the chocolate with the other 1/2 tsp coconut oil and mix.
  • Coat the banana and peanut butter pieces in the chocolate by placing on a fork and dunking them peanut butter side first into the chocolate. Set back onto the plate and freeze again for an hour once all are coated.
  • Jar them up and make it look pretty as a gift – just make sure you keep them in the freezer!

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