Big News – We’re Changing!

We’re changing!

So we’ve had a name change, here’s five reasons why…

  1. Let’s be honest here, it was getting kinda annoying having to tell people on a regular basis how to pronounce ‘appytato’ (app-ee-tay-toe peeps!) and that’s just never a good thing when you want to get your name out there!
  2. Although we did like the name originally, it wasn’t designed to be a ‘forever’ name, more of a ‘let’s get started on this dream’ and tweak along the way.
  3. This whole business is about empowering you to look after your body so you can go and do all the things that are in your heart. We’re not doing this so you’re beach ready, shredded or back in ‘those’ jeans…infact weight loss might not come into it at all (now there’s a blog post in the making!). We’re wanting healthy bodies and minds so that we can be the best human-‘beans’ ever, ready to take on all the things we want and need to do. We reckoned the word ‘THRIVE’ pretty much summed this up.
  4. We love community, friendship and team…we aren’t lone rangers struggling through this alone, fumbling in the confusion that comes out of the health/wellness/fitness industry. We work closely with other people, love to encourage and be encouraged by others and think that people are what makes the world go round so doing it together is better. We reckoned the word ‘WE’ summed this bit up too.
  5. Finally, we dream of expanding, growing and changing the world (even if it’s just our corner of it) and we thought ‘WeThrive’ felt strong and powerful enough to keep us moving forward and challenge us to keep getting out of our comfort zone.

So there you have it, the method in the madness. We love and are SO grateful that you follow what we’re doing and appreciate all feedback (especially when you’re friendly with it!) and interaction! Please feel free to comment, cheer on or challenge us and be a part of the ‘WeThrive’ tribe!

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