3 Top Tips For That Beach Bod This Summer (they’re probably not what you think!)

So you want our top tips for being beach ready this summer?? Here goes…

1) Book a holiday by the beach and head there.

2) Have a body (we’re pretty sure everyone reading this has one in some form or other)

3) You are beach body ready! Congrats!

Seriously though, the amount of stuff we’ve seen on social media, in magazines and across every bill board going seems to be cheering us on to get smaller, leaner, thinner, fitter – all in the name of a holiday. Whilst not all of those things are inherently bad themselves, the idea that we need to change ourselves to be ‘ready’ for a holiday or ‘better’Β in some way makes us really sad. Our philosophy is always health from the inside out and most of the stuff we’ve seen going around is anything but health promoting. So if you really want some holiday tips, here’s what we WILL be doing this summer…

1) Stopping the overanalysing: Trying on swimwear can be the biggest trigger of feeling grotty before a holiday, causing some of those crazy ‘diet’ behaviours. So we’ll be wearing old swimwear that we’re already comfy in or doing a quick try on in the changing rooms before getting out of there and remembering we’re going on holiday for fun and not a fashion show. And on holiday? We’ve found standing in front of the mirror for an age before heading to the beach unhelpful – waaay too much overanalysing when actually nobody cares. Get dressed away from the mirror (we’re exposed to faaaar too much visual feedback) and head out in the sun!

2) Looking after our body – movement: Neither beasting ourselves everyday or lazing around all holiday makes us feel good or means we actually enjoy our time away. What we can and will be doing is enjoying daily walks and the odd mountain hike (Sarah!), swims and sea adventure snorkelling with the fish (Andy!) or a game or 6 of beach bat and ball (you ALL know the game we’re talking about – standard holiday game!). And actually that’s kind of our exercise approach at home too – move daily and don’t head for either extreme (been there done that). Find what you actually ENJOY and do it.Β It keeps us feeling flexible, clear headed, happy and will ensure some lush sleep (which is MUCH needed whether you’re on your hols or not!).

3) Looking after our body – food. Neither restriction nor bingeing leaves us feeling any good either so we won’t be doing that on our hols or any other day. You don’t HAVE to have an ice cream every day to have a good time, nor do you need to avoid them everyday either. What feels good for your body? (Note – it’ll be different for everyone so stop comparing!). Do that. Restriction leaves you miserable and feeling like you’re missing out, bingeing leaves you feeling rough and sluggish especially when you get home. We don’t reckon either of those are worth it, so find your sweet spot and enjoy it. Taste some of the local food and make some good memories. Enjoy those ‘now and then’ foods – because you can at home AND on holiday. Eat plenty of the good stuff, those fresh, whole, single ingredient foods that’ll mean you really enjoy and make the most of your hols because you’ll be full of energy. Have a pizza in Italy, Paella in Spain or pancakes in America. Whatever floats your boat. But whatever you do, ENJOY it, sack off the guilt and feed your body well.Β 

We’ve all got wrinkles, dimples and wobbly bits, so embrace them and have a wonderful summer!

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  1. Well that was a breath of fresh air! Thank you Appytato 😊

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      GOOD! So pleased to hear that, thanks Megan!

    2. You are SO welcome!

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