5 Reasons We Use Protein Powder

Protein is the building block for so many functions in the body, it’d be ridiculous to try and list them all here. Some of the incredibly important ones include blood sugar management, recovery and repair of muscles (working out anyone?) and the basis for making enzymes, hormones and blood cells that keep you ticking over happily from day to day. We want to make sure we’re getting adequate protein to keep us going and one of the ways we get some in is through using protein powder – seems everyone is using them these days! So instead of just more eggs (you know how we love them), here’s a quick run down of our reasons for using protein powders, which ones we use and some good places to find a decent deal.

1) Easy to add to breakfast – We don’t have lots of time in the morning so we find ourselves enjoying smoothies and porridge most days. Protein powder is easy to add into liquid based food so we like to sneak it into our smoothies and porridge for a protein boost in the morning.

2) It keeps us full – Starting the day with a heavier protein based breakfast means we’re not heading for the snack draw at 10am and gives our digestive system a break and chance to do it’s thing with breakfast!

3) You can add it to baking – Always a reason for Sarah to use it! Adding it to baking is a sneaky way to get some extra protein, even when you think you’re just having dessert 😉 Check out our recipe section for ideas!

4) Cost – You can get a decent amount of protein out of 1-2 scoops of protein powder and this can be cheaper than downing another bunch of eggs, a chicken breast or a steak, especially if you’re working out. Post-work out smoothies made from a scoop of protein powder, some almond/coconut milk and a banana are super easy to put together and knock back after a sesh at the gym. (Note: It’s NOT cost effective if you use as your main protein source, but we wouldn’t recommend that anyway as there’s so much goodness in getting protein from a variety of animal and plant based sources).

5) Variety – Variety is the spice of life right? We enjoy trying and taste testing lots of protein powders for different tastes and textures (some are grainier than others) and know our bodies benefit from mixing up our nutrition rather than sticking with the same old things day in day out (we don’t want to be missing out on key vitamins and minerals now!). And on that note, here’s a few of our favourites and where to find them…

  • Pulsin’ – we LOVE the ‘Pulsin” range of protein powders! Cost effective and a good range of types, we’d recommend the whey, rice, pea and hemp ones and you can usually find a good deal here (choose free delivery!) or in Tesco when on offer. These are unflavoured powders so you’ll need a bit of fruit and maybe some vanilla with these. They’re also good for adding into baking that you’re already flavouring. Other good websites are here and here.
  • Vital Protein – these flavoured protein powders are great for mixing with water/milk as a drink as they already have a flavour. Andy adds the chocolate one into his smoothie and Sarah adds the vanilla one to porridge too! Again, this is a good spot to buy it from.
  • Sunwarrior – one of the tastiest protein powders we’ve tried, the chocolate one in particular! It is more expensive but again you can get it with free delivery from the site mentioned above and if you’re using it a few times a week it’ll last!
  • NUZEST – another tasty one, we usually google around to find where it’s on offer as it can be more expensive.

Hope there’s some handy hints in there! As always, any questions/comments, leave them below (friendly please!)…

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