A sneak peek…

We love a good nosey into other people’s lives (now you know why we’re both psychologists!) and peeking into people’s fridges is no different! So we thought we’d share ours and show you what we’ve got in this week. No, we didn’t perfectly clean it out before snapping the photo so excuse any stray bits of food lurking, cleaning the fridge wasn’t top of the priority list this weekend. Oh, and Sarah broke the veg drawer a while back, we’re managing quite well without it 😉 Anyway, here’s a sneaky butchers at what’s in our fridge this week…just remember there’s no meat pictured as we like to bulk buy, freeze it and defrost daily to save on waste. Also not pictured is Sarah’s lunch food prep (boiled eggs, veg and quinoa), we’ve got another small fridge where we keep that.

On the menu this week is an egg and veg stir fry, fish with potatoes and roasted veg and homemade beef burgers with sweet potato wedges and homemade coleslaw (click here for the recipe) amongst other things. So we’ll be defrosting some haddock or salmon and a pack of mince for those meals, it saves space in the fridge too doing it this way.

So there’s a nosey into our fridge, what’s in yours?!

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