7 Flavour Hacks To Make (almost) Anything Taste Good!

Today on the blog we thought we’d share a few (well, seven to be exact) top hacks that we use on a regular basis to make food taste EXTRA good! We love to experiment with single-ingredient, whole foods most of the time and come up with new recipes that are doing us good but are really tasty too. However, sometimes a little help from our herb and spice friends is the proverbial ‘icing on the cake’ when taste testing our latest and greatest ideas. Most of our cooking at home is incredibly simple but with these add-ins they can taste like we slaved for hours getting the flavour just right! We’re keen for anything that makes ‘good-for-us-food’ tasty, inexpensive and easy so here are our current favourite flavour hacks to add in to your cooking and spice up your life a little 😉 …..

  • Tesco Finest Pesto: Ideally we’d make our own but let’s be honest, we haven’t often got time for that. This is not only delicious but this particular brand uses extra virgin olive oil instead of the seed oils we see in most shop-bought pesto. We won’t go into the deets now, but most of the seed oils won’t do you any favours in the long run (think inflammation and toxicity) but olive oil is a great choice. Costing slightly more than the average pesto, we think it’s worth the investment to make dishes easy and delicious. Great in our ‘Sausage Pesto Stir fry‘, on grilled fish, in frittatas or with vegetable spaghetti. 


  • Thai spice blend: We found this one in ‘The Range’, not exactly where we expected to! You have to be savvy with spice blends because lots of them have fillers, seed oils and added sugars that really aren’t necessary but this one is just a blend of tasty Thai spices. Win. Great in a stir fry with rice/rice noodles, sprinkling on fish before baking/grilling or making a Thai curry with coconut milk.


  • Curry powder: Again, check for the ingredients in all of these things, they do like to add in things that really don’t need to be there. This one was found in TKMaxx (those food shelves are definitely worth a scour!) but other curry powders in supermarkets can be good too (JUST READ THE LABEL!). Great for making curry – just add coconut milk (and a little arrowroot starch to thicken if you need to) or spicing up some potatoes before roasting. 


  • Peri Peri rub: Thanks to Aldi, we’ve found a peri-peri rub that doesn’t contain wheat (Sarah is Coeliac) or additives. Great for rubbing onto chicken skin before roasting, coating sweet potato wedges or adding into an omelette for a bit of a kick.


  • Spice blends: We’ve spent hours (no joke) scouring shelves for spice blends that are just that – the spices and nothing else. This ‘Ras El Hanout’ seasoning in Tesco and the ‘Baharat’ blend from Sainsbury’s add a middle-eastern flavour to a meal. Great for adding into home made lamb burgers, stir fry’s or adding into rice for a middle-eastern twist. 


  • Lemon and Herb rub: This is one of Sarah’s personal faves because it’s a great addition to a fish dish. This one from Aldi contains no added sugars (we prefer to get that from whole food sources mostly) or fillers. Great for sprinkling on fish before baking/grilling/frying or coating new potatoes for a summery feel and making them into mini roasties. 


  • Seasoning grinders: Aldi is coming up trumps again and again these days! This grinder as well as a couple of others in this line (again, check the labels) are so handy for quickly adding flavour to something before grilling/BBQ’ing/roasting or adding to a quick sauce without having to get out the whole herb cupboard. Great for making bolognese sauce, chilli, mixing with olive oil and adding to meat before BBQ’ing or just grinding over salad for some extra flavour. 

Got any tips of your own? Feel free to comment (friendly please!) below…

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