No-Bake Oat-y Cookies

We love a good bake at the weekend, but these are especially good when you haven’t got much time during the week and still fancy a quick on-the-go breakfast, mid-afternoon snack or post-workout refuel. Whatever the occasion, these will keep you going and only take 10 minutes from start to finish. Happy baking!


Makes: approximately 12 (depending on how big you want them!)


2 heaped tbsp coconut oil

2 heaped tbsp peanut butter (sugar free)

200ml milk of choice (we use full fat dairy/coconut/almond)

1 mashed banana

250g oats/buckwheat flakes/quinoa flakes



  • In a saucepan, melt the coconut oil and peanut butter together on a low heat, until combined.
  • Add in the milk and bring SLOWLY to the boil. The mixture should thicken.
  • Once boiling, turn the heat back down again and add in the mashed banana. Turn the heat off.
  • Add in the oats and mix together. 
  • Leave the mixture to cool for a few minutes so that you can handle it. Split into 12 balls and then flatten into cookie shapes.
  • Leave in the fridge to cool and harden. These are best left in the fridge for storing and will keep for a week or so. 

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