This is our ‘A-ha!’ photo! For all those moments when we see things that are worth an ‘a-ha, we found it!’ or ‘a-ha, this is worth a read!’ or even an ‘aaaah, just what we were looking for…and it’s doing me good!’. It’s for the things we spot out there on the inter-webs and feel the need to share, for those moments when we see people exporting great thoughts, ideas and recipes that we think are worth a re-post, or little things that have caught our eye. 

Keep your eyes out for this lightbulb-moment photo if you want to keep your brain cells turning with ideas, morsels to chew on (quite literally) and interesting reads from across the internet. 

Here’s our first one, a great article that gets a hearty ‘hear, hear!’ from us, all about getting out of that ‘band-wagon’ mentality when it comes to health, fitness and generally being an amazing human-bean.  


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