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Let’s be honest, all these foodie hashtags get a little confusing and dare we say it, maybe even a little…pretentious?! #paleo #primal #glutenfree #dairyfree #sugarfree #leanandclean #80/20 #whattheheck?!

Nutrition is really quite simple and yet so complex at the same time – but what you REALLY need to know you most likely already know…eating those fruits and veggies, getting a varied diet and reducing the amount of highly processed food we eat (not everyone mind, this is where it gets complex… nutrition and how we interact with food is highly specific to YOU!).

Seems fairly simple doesn’t it? That’s plenty of those less processed, not-added-to, single-ingredient foods. And we think that pretty much nails it (although yes, just like in year 10 maths, there are always exceptions to the rule, but we’ll save that for another day). Doing that most of the time does our bodies a heck of a lot of good and leaves us feeling, well, pretty good too!

Evidence from some of the healthiest places in the world (called ‘Blue Zones’) is showing that this way of eating is producing some of the longest living and healthiest humans! Think plenty of plants, well-raised meat (and even some offal!), eggs, olive oil, legumes, fruit, potatoes and nuts and seeds to name but a few.

What we do MOST of the time is going to make a big difference to our health – mostly nutritionally dense foods that fuel our cells and allow us to do all the things we want to do. Yep, that does mean there’s room for that chocolate bar, bag of crisps or even your favourite take away. No one round here’s looking for perfection and actually aiming for that often has the opposite effect…that ‘what the heck, I can’t do this’ feeling and jacking it in for whatever seems most tasty in that moment.

Eating this way most of the time has been shown to have some major health benefits, however there are some other key players like, sleep, stress, social connection and movement that have a big say in general health too (which are interestingly key features of the Blue Zones too!). Keep your eyes peeled for more blog posts on these!

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  1. Congratulations on launching your website! I like what I’m reading, I want to encourage you all I can. You have set out on a path that is not for the faint hearted, but I’m sure you will be a great help and encouragement to many as you go on. Blessings! R.owena

    1. Sarah Pettinger|

      Thank you Rowena! Your encouragement and support is MUCH appreciated! S x

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